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201 Name spelt either Briese or Briehse in different records Briese, Johann Gottlieb (I1922)
202 No husband named, but appears to have lived with Albert Brinck whom she later married - children have been given the surname Briese Family F933
203 Place of birth assumed from other records Briese, Michael (I3537)
204 Possible male descendants living in Ripon Wisconsin Family F1239
205 Possibly 3 other children
Michael, Martha and Alma 
Family F1239
206 Possibly the Johann Gotthilf Briese, a widower from Meseritz, who in 1837 was listed as planning to emigrate to Australia at the age of 68 (Nineteenth-Century Emigration of "Old Lutherans" from Eastern Germany ...
By Clifford Neal Smith, 1980). He did not appear on any subsequent shipping or immigration lists, so is presumed not to have sailed. 
Briese, Johann Gotthilf (P846)
207 previous married name was Minck Schramm, Klara Louise Martha (I3193)
208 Probably married in Tempelburg, Neustettin, Pommern whcihc was the home town of his wife. Briese, Johann (I523)
209 Prussian army records for Cuestrin indicate he was married in 1821, but do not give the name of his wife Family F1425
210 Recorded in the 1599 muster of Neumark cities Briese, Mertten (I543)
211 Recorded in the 1623 muster of Neumark cities.

An unnamed Briese was also recorded for Landsberg in the 1599 muster. 
Briese, Hans (I545)
212 served as canonier in army Briese, Christoph (I610)
213 served as fusilier in miltary Briese, Michael (I3442)
214 Served in army as canonier Briese, Peter (I3463)
215 Served in the Prussian Army Briese, Carl Martin (I1358)
216 Serving in the military as a Garde du Corps Family F1088
217 stayed in Westpreussen when family emigrated in 1882 Briese, Wilhelm Julius (I104)
218 Subsequent marriage records suggest the father was Friedrich Heiden Unknown (I5154)
219 Surname also given as Bergmann in some records. The signature of Johann Briese is identical in records with either name, proving that Bergmann / Berger is the same person. Berger, Anna Dorothea (I524)
220 Surname is recorded as Bluemke in the Lueben Church Records, but Blimke in various family trees Bluemke, Johanne Louise (I648)
221 The family lived for some time in Posen city Family F1401
222 Took mother's surname - uneheliche? Briese, Friedrich Hermann (I4338)
223 Two more children, Charlotte and Wilhelm, mentioned in death record Briese, Johann Friedrich (I1617)
224 was a canonier Briese, Martin (I3627)
225 Was a canonier in the army Briese, Franz (I1164)
226 Was a maelzbrauer (brewer) Briese, Erdmann (I252)
227 Was a Malzbrauer Briese, Christoph (I4250)
228 Was a Malzbrauer Briese, Christian (I1687)
229 Was a pastor Briese, Carl Robert Ludwig Heinrich (I2222)
230 Was a soldier Briese, Ferdinand Albert Martin (I3707)
231 was a soldier Briese, Johann Heinrich (I3411)
232 was a soldier Briese, Friedrich Emil (I4102)
233 Was a soldier Briese, Peter (I368)
234 was a soldier Briese, Fritz Otto (I4453)
235 was a soldier Briese, Paul Otto (I2497)
236 was a soldier Briese, Julius Max (I3046)
237 was a soldier Briese, Michael (I3498)
238 was a soldier Briese, Michael (I387)
239 was a soldier based in Cuestrin (now Kostzryn in Polish) in 1816 Briese, Johann Michael (I2331)
240 Was a soldier in the Prussian army Briese, Johann Martin (I577)
241 widow of ?? Winter Briese, Emilie Florentine (I4552)
242 Wilhelm Briese apparently died in Lubcz, after returning from military service Briese, Wilhelm (I0019)

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