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501 was a soldier (canonier) Briese, Friedrich Ferdinand (I6346)
502 was a soldier (mousqitirer) Briese, Lorentz (I6175)
503 Was a soldier - killed in WW2 Briese, Gustav (I7684)
504 was a soldier - killed in WW2 Briese, Ernst Hermann (I7710)
505 was a soldier and died in battle in Bohemia Briese, Carl Wilhelm (I2001)
506 was a soldier based in Cuestrin (now Kostzryn in Polish) in 1816 Briese, Johann Michael (I2331)
507 Was a soldier in the Prussian army Briese, Johann Martin (I577)
508 was a soldier in WW1 Briese, Erwin (I7697)
509 was married in 1938 and had 2 sons and 1 stepson
Douglas Vernon b 24 Apr 1944 d 22 Apr 2015 (father listed as Jackson not Briese)
Marc b 6 Feb 1957

Douglas also has 3 sons
Briese, Frank Manvil (I7034)
510 was married to Frieda ? Briese, Max Conrad (I6763)
511 was single - no descendants Briese, John L (I7057)
512 was unmarried according to death certificate Briese, Hermann Gustav Max (I2566)
513 widow of ?? Winter Briese, Emilie Florentine (I4552)
514 widow of Julius Leopold Wilm Lange, Charlotte Wilhelmine (I3696)
515 widow of Martin Dohn when she married Johann Briese Glaesemann, Anna Rosina (I5380)
516 Wilhelm Briese apparently died in Lubcz, after returning from military service Briese, Wilhelm (I0019)
517 Wing Commander in RCAF during WW2 (as was his brother) Briese, Carl Ernest (I6544)
518 witness: Julius Briese
godmother: Olga Briese 
Briese, Alex (I7807)
519 wittwer Oelke Gruse, Anna Christine (I8233)
520 Worked as a maid in Stockholm, Sweden in 1939-1940. Returned to Berlin on 31 Dec 1940 Briese, Auguste Klara Emmy (I6499)

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