Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen


Tree: 1. Briese - Prussian
Notes: Now called Mechnacz in Polish

Latitude: 52.5585184, Longitude: 16.030806900000016


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briese, Anna Eleonore  14 May 1830Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3898
2 Briese, Anna Luise Emilie  12 Oct 1857Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3042
3 Briese, Anna Marie  5 Jun 1882Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4191
4 Briese, Auguste Marie  25 Oct 1887Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4194
5 Briese, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm  1815Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I1414
6 Briese, Carl Hermann  7 Sep 1847Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3870
7 Briese, Christian  Apr 1830Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3895
8 Briese, Emilie Auguste  3 Oct 1859Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I2082
9 Briese, Emma Bertha Hulda  10 Mar 1877Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4803
10 Briese, Ernestine Henriette  15 Oct 1855Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3040
11 Briese, Frieda Martha  18 May 1895Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4200
12 Briese, Friedrich Wilhelm  30 Jul 1827Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3892
13 Briese, Gustav Julius  31 Jul 1862Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3044
14 Briese, Gustav Karl  9 Mar 1894Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4199
15 Briese, Gustav Rudolph  5 Jun 1882Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4190
16 Briese, Ida Anna Gertrud  10 Oct 1892Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4198
17 Briese, Ida Auguste Hedwig  24 Nov 1879Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4804
18 Briese, Johann August  17 Oct 1822Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3890
19 Briese, Johann August  20 Apr 1835Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I5047
20 Briese, Johann Carl Richard  20 Oct 1889Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4195
21 Briese, Johann Christian  1805Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I2047
22 Briese, Johann Christian  4 Sep 1851Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I2081
23 Briese, Johann Erdmann  14 Jan 1824Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3891
24 Briese, Johann Friedrich  3 Mar 1832Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3899
25 Briese, Johann Gotthilf  8 Mar 1833Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3893
26 Briese, Johann Gottlob  8 Apr 1825Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I2079
27 Briese, Johann Gustav Adolph  10 May 1885Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4193
28 Briese, Johann Robert  2 Jun 1849Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3871
29 Briese, Johann Wilhelm  6 Jan 1854Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3872
30 Briese, Julius  26 Mar 1835Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3894
31 Briese, Julius Max  12 Apr 1886Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3046
32 Briese, Karl Gustav Adolf  18 Aug 1878Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4802
33 Briese, Martha Clara Selma  1 Nov 1890Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4196
34 Briese, Minna Elisabeth  3 Aug 1881Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4201
35 Briese, Wanda Bertha  23 Aug 1883Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4192
36 Briese, Wanda Klara  13 Oct 1891Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4197


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briese, Carl Hermann  11 Nov 1847Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3870
2 Briese, Christian  4 Dec 1858Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3895
3 Briese, Friedrich Wilhelm  2 Aug 1827Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3892
4 Briese, Gustav Karl  11 Apr 1894Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4199
5 Briese, Gustav Rudolph  3 Sep 1882Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4190
6 Briese, Johann  17 Oct 1861Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3888
7 Briese, Johann August  23 Oct 1822Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3890
8 Briese, Johann Erdmann  11 Feb 1824Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3891
9 Briese, Johann Gottlob  5 Feb 1887Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I2079
10 Briese, Johann Gustav Adolph  30 May 1885Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4193
11 Briese, Julius  5 Jan 1842Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3894
12 Briese, Karl Gustav Adolf  5 Sep 1878Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I4802


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Briese, Friedrich  1830Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3896
2 Briese, Johann  1822Mechnatch, Birnbaum, Posen I3888