Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen


Tree: 1. Briese - Prussian
Notes: Also known as Winnica in Polish

Latitude: 52.4511539654001, Longitude: 15.564665794372559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briese, Auguste Emilie  20 Aug 1879Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4181
2 Briese, Auguste Emma  26 Dec 1875Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4182
3 Briese, Carl Adolph  9 May 1813Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4030
4 Briese, Carl August  7 Oct 1846Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I1421
5 Briese, Carl Friedrich  1 Nov 1849Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3722
6 Briese, Carl Wilhelm  Apr 1870Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3728
7 Briese, Clara Emilie Emma  27 Jan 1875Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4166
8 Briese, Ernst Wilhelm  3 Jun 1818Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4032
9 Briese, Friederike Henriette  16 Oct 1808Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3725
10 Briese, Gustav Ernst  31 Mar 1811Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4031
11 Briese, Hermann Richard  10 Sep 1879Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4168
12 Briese, Johann Friedrich  2 Aug 1812Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I1419
13 Briese, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm  1837Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3715
14 Briese, Johann Gottlieb  15 Apr 1816Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4294
15 Briese, Johann Gottlieb  6 Sep 1844Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3727
16 Briese, Johann Jacob  1783Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3550
17 Briese, Johanne Renate  27 Dec 1815Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I1840
18 Briese, Karl August  15 Aug 1877Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4183
19 Briese, Marie Auguste  15 Mar 1873Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3721
20 Briese, Paul Emil  11 Jun 1872Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3720
21 Briese, Wilhelm Rudolf  30 Oct 1873Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briese, Carl Adolph  25 Jul 1817Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4030
2 Briese, Carl Wilhelm  13 Apr 1871Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3728
3 Briese, Ernst Wilhelm  31 Jul 1819Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4032
4 Briese, Gustav Ernst  24 Sep 1812Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4031
5 Briese, Johann Friedrich  18 Jun 1886Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I1419
6 Briese, Johann Gottlieb  10 Aug 1848Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3727
7 Briese, Wilhelm Rudolf  21 Apr 1874Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I3718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Briese, Johann Friedrich  1812Winnitze, Meseritz, Posen I4287