Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg


Tree: 1. Briese - Prussian

Latitude: 52.502465601350316, Longitude: 13.32143783569336


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briese, Wilhelm Hermann Max  24 Sep 1879Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2557
2 Briese, Henriette Wilhelmine Anna  30 Apr 1881Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2559
3 Briese, Henriette Emma Martha  12 Aug 1882Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2558
4 Briese, Charlotte Elisabeth  3 Nov 1883Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2560
5 Briese, Hedwig Anna  22 Nov 1883Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3134
6 Briese, Max Eduard Richard  12 Apr 1884Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3051
7 Briese, Luise Wilhelmine Bertha  16 Oct 1885Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3052
8 Briese, Anna Marie Hedwig  25 Feb 1886Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2561
9 Briese, Gustav Emil Paul  8 Dec 1887Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I4608
10 Briese, Paul Wilhelm Gustav  Mar 1889Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I4610
11 Briese, Anna Auguste Helene  May 1890Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I4609
12 Briese, Wilhelm Friedrich August  16 Dec 1891Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3053
13 Briese, Gertrud Elisabeth  8 Sep 1894Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2746
14 Briese, Erna Hedwig Frieda  16 Jun 1895Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3227
15 Briese, Fritz Friedrich Wilhelm  28 Apr 1901Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6473
16 Briese, August Karl Walter  7 Nov 1902Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6501
17 Briese, Erna Frieda Dora  9 Jan 1905Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6491
18 Briese, Else Hedwig Friederike  2 Dec 1905Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6478
19 Briese, Otto Leo Rudolf  10 May 1906Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briese, Carl Wilhelm Conrad  26 May 1880Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I5989
2 Briese, Max Eduard Richard  18 Sep 1884Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3051
3 Briese, Gustav Emil Paul  17 Dec 1887Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I4608
4 Briese, Paul Wilhelm Gustav  10 May 1889Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I4610
5 Briese, Wilhelm Friedrich August  1 Mar 1892Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3053
6 Briese, Hermann Franz  8 Jan 1899Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I4607
7 Briese, Fritz Martin  2 Sep 1904Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6114
8 Briese, Heinrich Otto  27 Nov 1904Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3273
9 Briese, August  26 Sep 1908Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I442
10 Briese, Carl Erdmann Otto  5 Dec 1908Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3102
11 Briese, Julius Ernst Emil  26 Feb 1909Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2506
12 Briese, Anna  27 Jan 1911Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I6093
13 Briese, Johann Friedrich Ferdinand  2 May 1914Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I5762
14 Briese, Gustav Eduard  19 Mar 1917Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I2931
15 Briese, Ernst Robert Willy  31 Jul 1917Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg I3101


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Briese / Mueller  4 Jul 1893Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F834
2 Kutz / Briese  20 Apr 1897Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F2121
3 Briese / Taeubner  14 Jul 1899Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F866
4 Handke / Briese  6 Sep 1900Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F777
5 Glawe / Briese  4 Apr 1903Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F1011
6 Jost / Briese  15 Mr 1904Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F2124
7 Heinrich / Briese  5 Aug 1905Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F879
8 Briese / Wiedemann  20 Aug 1910Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F1041
9 Briese / Raecke  25 Mar 1915Berlin VIII, Berlin, Brandenburg F925